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Yes, yes. I’m very aware that I’ve barely touched this blog and that it’s covered with dust and that I am a bad person. Moving on.

I am basically a child in a 21 year old’s body. I act on impulse, I’m stubborn and I scare easily. Most of all though, I like being involved in things. Using my blog as a public psychiatrist aside, for the past few weeks my friends have spoken of nothing else but a game that came out in 2011 and has recently reappeared on everybody’s radar with a bang.

I’m talking about Dark Souls.

Reading tweets back and forth between players is like reading tweets in another language. What the hell is a Quelaag? Who or what is Gwyndolin? And quite frankly, Ceaseless Discharge sounds like something you should get checked out by the doctor. Messages of fury and claims that the game was impossible and that they’ll never go back to it are swiftly replaced with tweets of pure joy. They’d done it – they’d conquered whichever wretched Hell beast they were up against.


All of this intrigued me. I’d seen bits about Dark Souls, I even played the demo once, and was enjoying it until I saw the Asylum Demon and NOPED the hell out of there. I’d heard people singing its praises, but there was always one thing always put me off actually buying it. And that’s its famed difficulty.

Modern games have spoiled us. Think about it. We get excessively long tutorial missions, characters become bullet sponges and for crying out loud, we even get regenerating health bars. Dark Souls is not a nice game. It even tells you that on the back of the box. It doesn’t spoil you or hold your hand, it aims to test you. If you die, it’s your fault. You have to plan ahead, meticulously noting enemy movements and spawns while upgrading your weapons and levelling up your character properly. You enter into an attack and you can’t cancel it – you can’t simply dodge out of the way at the last minute. Even replenishing health isn’t simple. Rest at a bonfire and all those enemies you just killed pop back up to life. Basically, it’s all on you.

And that’s why Dark Souls scares me so much. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m pretty rubbish at games. My impatience truly is my downfall. Wait behind this boulder until the enemy walks past? Hell no! Let’s just run ahead, he’ll definitely not catch me, and even if he does I’m more powerful than him anyway. This’ll be a cakewalk. Oh wait, he caught me. Aaand now I’m dead. Rinse and repeat until I actually do what the game has been gently hinting at me to do and wait, or I get lucky and manage to kill the guard and his cronies.

But hey, I’m a big girl now. I like to think that I can learn from my mistakes. I’ve bought myself a copy of Dark Souls.

Here goes nothing.

Scumbag Lucy…

16 Apr MacbookCat

Makes a website. Neglects it for a week.

My dissertation is due in on Friday, so I am currently fannying around trying to get it all finished and bound (BOUND?! Are they serious?), hence my absence.

Blogging will commence once I’ve finished my major project (that sounds less scary than dissertation. But still pretty scary) but in the meantime, check out this exciting news! 7bitarcade and StickTwiddlers have merged! 7bitarcade are going to be focussing less on gaming, and more on their fantastic music content, and us gaming writers are now officially StickTwiddler-ers. I should find a better way of saying that. The future looks incredibly exciting for both websites, and I’m so happy to be able to be a part of it.

Right, I’ve done enough procrastinating for today, I’m going to go finish my SPSS tables. Boo.


Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

8 Apr Okami

Hello there!

My name is Lucy James, and for those who have accidentally stumbled across this site (looking for the other Lucy James no doubt — I won’t judge you. Well, maybe a little bit), I write about video games, and so have started this little site to collect my work together from the far reaches of the Internet. I say little site, obviously it will blossom and take over the world by Tuesday. Maybe.

But anyway. If I were a comic book superhero, my origin story would be as follows:

I grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne (despite what Byker Grove told you, no one says “whay aye man”), and began playing video games at an early age. One of my earliest memories was crying after being yelled at by my dad because I was terrible at Microsoft Golf 3.0. I WAS FIVE YEARS OLD MAN.

Sometimes I ooze sophistication.

Sometimes I ooze sophistication.

From there I moved on to Myst, Lara Croft, Quake and Doom. I wasn’t allowed to watch 12 rated movies, but anything went when it came to video games (love you, Dad). You tell that my game choices were slightly prescribed by my father, but I wasn’t complaining, I loved them all. With my first console being my sister’s old PlayStation, I could expand my collection, and I grew to love games all the more. I am currently in possession of an Xbox 360 (his name is Kermit), my old PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and I’m seriously *this* close to buying a PlayStation 3 (funds permitting).

But yes, I love games, and over a year ago I decided to write about them. I was an intern at GameSpot UK earlier this year, which was an amazing and invaluable experience.

But that’s another story for another time.

xoxo, Gossip Girl.
JUST KIDDING. Man, is that show still on? Anyway, follow me Twitter if you’d like updates about video games and/or my cat.


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